Need help with the vent system

Do I need to get a timer for my vent ??? An when do I turn my exhaust fan on

P.s they jus sprouted

I leave mine on 24/7, and only attach the filter when they start to flower. Others here have theirs on a temperature thing to kick on when it gets to hot and turn off when the temps drop. Without knowing anything about your grow (is it in a temp regulated area, do lights produce alot of heat, etc) , it is hard to say…

In a temp regulated area not really much heat have a Mars hydro ts 600 in the room

Na not really much heat at all n yea vivosun grow tent

even when heat isnt an issue for me, I leave my intake and outake on low for air circulation and to keep the air fresh…

That is where I would start, and dial it in from there. It is preferred to have a slight negative pressure in your tent (meaning the sides slightly pull in instead of ballooning out), and adjusting the intake/outake can take care of that…

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They make controllers to do that for you instead of a timer. Inkbird makes one, infinity line has it built in to the unit already. There also a lot of others you can go with on amazon at a reasonable price

Hi @Ron330 is there any science about the negative pressure in the tent?
I do see a lot of people using support rods and such to control it
I run an intake and exhaust but try and keep it even not sucking in or blowing out but if it’s a proven better way I’m all for improving.

Yes I jus saw this one tent n it has some electrical box on the back of it… I’m going dive deeper into that . I think it was a cloudlab has a versitile mount for controller or sensor … I gotta learn more about this stuff I Kno how to care for plants n grow but chemicals n grow tents vents an etc it’s like damn do I have what I need or am I missing something … but I’m deff going to look into that

@spankyjr1 I am sure there is some science to it, but I have no clue what it is. I am mostly going off of advice I have recieved from multiple people who grow some fabulous looking plants. I am still fairly new myself, going on my 5th year (2 grows a year), and still learning new things from others. My plants have been looking and getting better each year, whether its from things others suggest or just my own exp so far, I’ll never know…

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I’m not arguing either way I’m learning myself always looking to better my grows @Ron330
Thinking out loud if you have a space say 5x5 that space would hold so much air then if you decrease the space by sucking in the space wouldn’t it decrease the available co2 needed for a better grow?
That’s my logic but I don’t know and I have been wrong before :sunglasses:

Well brother that’s awesome 2 a year for 5 I wish I didn’t stop growing 15 years ago Id Kno some good shit…lol but yes I’m doing same thing learning as I go n from some good growers . Yea I turnt on my exhaust n left fan running as well n it’s sucking in so the exhaust works great… My 2 northern lights sprouted they 3 days old n my one blueberry popped it’s 2 days old the other blueberry tho still nada wander if I planted lol deep or if it a dud but I’m giving her few more days

But ur replacing. It with fresh instead of stale

Hey brother do. Kno bout fox famrs trio nutrient I got an was lookin at feeding I cut their doze in half but it says half a teaspoon a week r they referring to the actually bottles what u put into the water or do theyean the water nutrientient Mix?? Cause I would have to give to much nutes

Negative pressure is to make sure any air escaping grow space is filtered. If you had a positive pressure situation it would push unfiltered air out through seams, zipper, duct ports, etc. As long as a tent or room is under negative pressure, all of those points will pull air in.

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