Need Help with the lighting

When to switch the light to 12. 12? Should I wait or???

Need pics of whole plant. Helps. Welcome to ILGM


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Thank you

First one is legend og, the other a clone of strawberry something?? First time growing all indoors…

First time indoor I would flip now. You really need to observe the stretch for future grows. Can wait longer but first time you really dont need the stress of out of control growth. They will get pretty big. Healthy plants. I would start bloom nutes now even if wait a week or 2 to flip.


So, keep them on 18/6 but on bloom and in a week or so 12/12 ?

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Thank you

Are you talking a “bloom” switch on your lights? If so, use both switches when in flower.

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I meant your nutrients. If a bloom switch on your light i would have left it on myself all the way. Juat me. I think you can flip anytime now.

Stems are a little purple. She’s gonna need something. Keep an eye out for it.
When you flip, turn all your lights on. Bloom+flower. Give it all she’s got.

Time to flip. You’ll probably ending up bending and tying them down.

I appreciate all info…


Thanks to everyone

I would say flip em now. I can see you’ve already topped them. Cut those stems off that don’t have leaves on the end. Definitely some purpling going on with your stems.

One of them is :strawberry:? a clone. The other is legend OG. the purple, what’s that from? Or is it because one is a strawberry strain?