Need help with tent + light + accessory purchase

After taking the advice of @Myfriendis410 to heart, I’ve decided my very ambitious 16-plant window grow was a dumb idea from the start. I was drawn to the idea because we have massive windows, but it seems clear now that under an LED light in a tent is the right way to do this.

Problem is, selection here in Chile sucks! Buying on Amazon is often the right move in Chile, but unfortunately < 10% of Amazon items ship to Chile, so the choices are very limited. For example, I couldn’t get the Gorilla 5x5 grow tent I wanted, and can’t get ANY brand of 5x5 tent shipped to Chile. Only option seems to be 120x120x200cm (4x4x6’6"). And the selection of lights and everything else sucks compared to N. America.

I could sure use some expert help choosing the best available choices. Links below are to the choices I could find in each category. For the Chilean websites, right click and choose “Translate to English” in Google Chrome.


Note this is NOT genuine Gorilla brand. It’s GORILA (with one L), a cheaper knock-off. I can’t get real Gorilla products here unfortunately.
I can’t really tell which of these two models is better.

Amazon doesn’t ship any 4x4 or 5x5 tents to Chile


This appears to be the top-shelf light option here in Chile. Rather expensive ($1400 USD), but everything in Chile is more expensive than USA. Buying local also has the advantage that it will be 220V compatible and not require a transformer.

The remaining options that can be locally sourced are in these two links:

Ordering from Amazon may be the best choice for lights. The voltage is different here but I already have a big 1000W transformer I could run U.S. voltage lights on. The selection is very limited when you filter by “Ships to Chile”. Here are the options.

The price typically doubles when you add shipping and import duties, but even then these prices are much lower than the top-shelf option (above) sourced locally.

We have 220V 50Hz power here, meaning I need a 50hz motor in the fan. So best to source locally. Note that 150mm is metric for 6" ducts.

? Pulley thingies for hanging the lights?
? SCROG nets

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to cruise the links and give me some feedback on best choices, particularly for lighting.


Most of those lights are burples which will lead to poor performance. One way to filter them out is to look for lights constructed with Samsung LM301 series diodes.

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Sorry to hear about your horrible situation as far as product selection. I tend to not but the Amazon lighting but if you forced into a corner you gotta fight your way out some how. I’ve seen great things about mars hydro lighting if that is an option. I use HLG lighting personally but it’s quite exspensive and i have no idea if you could get their products at a reasonable price considering your location. Good luck with your adventure and HAPPY GROWING!!! I agree with the above statement. Not that the blurples won’t grow good bud. There are more growers than I can count here using them getting great results. The important thing is that you get a quality blurple and not be tricked by cheap China lighting

What about finding the item on amazon you want and going to the products web page? Will they ship to Chile? Like MarsHydro, Vivosun, etc?

Edit: nevermind. Just went to both and not feasible. Anyway to have someone in US procure the stuff and ship to you? Wonder what the cost would be

Can you order from Alibaba? I picked up kingbrites off there, and love them.

Tons of cheap tents too, I’d take a chance on a cheap tent, but wouldn’t take a chance on lights. Kingbrite is the only light vendor I can recommend on Alibaba. I’ve heard good things about another vendor, but I have first hand experience with Kingbrite. I went with the 240 Watt board with Samsung 301H diodes. If you want any more info I’d be happy to provide it.

Good luck, and I hope it works out.

Vouch for mammoth tents. :slight_smile:

What do you guys think of these lights:

Expensive, but they are available locally which means immediate delivery as opposed to weeks for Amazon. The local Chilean web site makes it out as if these are the cadillac of lights. Yeah, I know they aren’t. But selection of EVERYTHING in Chile sucks. These are 220V, available now, and while they are ridiculously expensive (USD 1400), they are available for immediate delivery.

Note they have Samsung LM301 diodes.

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Way better selection than the window idea. Did u ever think about pvc framing and wrap the framing real well with a thick type mylar. Kinda makeshift tent