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Should I, after 24 hours of a Water soak, do a Paper Tissue Growth until roots, and Tail are present. Then transplant to Potting Soil/Topsoil mix. Put to 18hr/6hr. schedule . I Grow with a three 226 Watt Florescent Light in an Indoor Grow Tet. The Light is approximately 4ft from what will be Pot Plant Top. I have average Temp/Humidity of 82 F / 78%. and water twice daily to moisture/wet Bed. I also spray water on Plant a couple times daily

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I’m relearning so I’ll answer what I know. I used to do paper towel way until ILGM way drop in water and plant seed. All six of mine this way broke ground in 2days after putting in water soak.

I’d follow Robert’s instructions from the grow bible

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When popping seeds I always use the paper towel method unless they’re super old old old seeds I have 100% germination that way not sure why but it works…



Give that a try.:slight_smile:

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