Need help with soil ph and what's happing with the one plant

So I have basically adopted a setup with 2 plants. My buddy doesn’t remember the strain. They are growing in fox farm soil and I’ve only feed the kelp so far and added cal mag to help with what looks like a defenciey in one plant. I checked the soil ph with a blue lab soil tester and it’s at 5.6. The water is at 7.6. Should I top dress lime to increase the ph or not. They are in 5 gallon cloth pots with spider farm se5000 Temps stay in mid 70’s and humidity mid to upper 40’s. The picture of the leaf is the plant on the right that’s a lighter green.

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How long have they been in the fox farm? The one on the left looks healthy to me. The one on the right looks like it could use a feeding.

He started them from day one.
This is from what he has told me I didn’t transplant because when he brought over the tent and all I put them in flower after a few days. He really hasn’t been much help on what he’s done.

I would run about 15 gals of PH water through it and give it a feeding after that. I’m thinking it’s more along the lines of ph issues.

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5.6 is far too low. It should be somewhere between 6.3 and 6.8 for a soil grow. I expect that you have a salt buildup. A good flush will take care of it.

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So i did a flush this morning on the lighter color plant ph on water was 7 ppm 20/ run off was 6.5 ppm 1460.

The way i fixed soil ph to bring it up was water with normal water dont ph it ,it will come up to around 6.3-6.5 and besides if ur using great white u shouldnt have to ph coz the microbes and beneficial bacteria should take care of the ph like they do for nutrients delivery for the plant