Need help with soil flush

I was told by a local supply shop, I need to flush the soil on my six plants.

In door grow
Soil run off is at 7.8 pH
Possible cal/mag deficiency Plants are in 3 gallon fabric pots with Mother Earth coco/perlite mix.
Watering with R/O well water with 6.8 pH.

Bought some sledgehammer to hopefully get things back to where they need to be. Just need some advice on actually how to use it properly. Don’t want to make things worse than they already are. Any help is much appreciated.

Fox farms states to add 2 tsp per gallon and pour in twice the amount you normally give. So if you’re getting runoff after 1/2 gallon, give it a full gallon. Then just feed as normal after it dries out.

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What is wrong with your plants?


My question exactly!
btw…coco should have 5.8ph as your target for your water

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The newest feeding schedule suggests using boomerang with the sledgehammer if there are obvious signs of damage. I found that I would get about 25% of my plants to canoe the leaves if I didn’t immediately add something like boomerang so I do it even if no stress seen in plants.

If you don’t have boomerang I would think you could just do a mild feeding with the last small flush.

Yellowish/brown leaves that are wrinkly and dying, fought off a round of spider mites not too long ago as well.

Unfortunately looks like either I have been not feeding enough or too much. Just really getting into growing and haven’t had a whole lot of success. Just now really paying attention to pH levels, PPM of nutrient availability (still don’t really understand the PPM, EC targets when mixing nutrients) and a few other things that don’t really come to mind at the moment.

We’ll get you squared away. Hold off on the Sledgehammer for a moment.

What nutrient line specifically are you fertigating with, and what’s your process for mixing that?

BTW, you’re in soilless, not soil. Unless Mother Earth adds something other than coir and perlite.

@Audioguy you mentioned you’re new to growing and a bit confused by EC, etc. and perhaps this will be a bit overwhelming, but I’d like you to listen to episode 13 of the Cannter Podcast featuring Dr. MJ Coco. He explains the proper way to approach coco, and the common pitfalls. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have after that (if I can.)