Need help with seeds from shocked fem

I have a question. In my last grow of purple haze it was exposed to light a couple times. These are fems, as expected it produced a low level of seeds. Just for giggles I planted some in my garden and they have taken off incredibly well. A friend of mine suggested that they will be a male plant and just produce seeds. Is the correct, what can I expect from these?

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If they’re from the plant that produced seeds from last year, you can expect the seeds to be feminized, but this plant will also produce a few seeds, as the genetic hermaphroditism trait is carried with.

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If the parent plant was stressed in order to produce seeds, will offspring seedlings that are not stressed Hermie? That’s a problem I’ve never had but have thought about.

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Ok male plants dont make seeds. Males make pollen. Females who are pollenated make seeds.

A hermi is a female who grows male parts and pollenates her/himself? It happens for a few different reasons. Nutrient stress, environment stress, light leaks at night, bad genetics…

Like Mr Vert said, she pollenated herself. So whatever made her stress n start pollen making herself, will be extremely susceptible in her kids. Those are the specific genes they have to pull from. Herm’d. So bad genetics due to… whatever started the process.

Ok that was a ramble. Long story short, they SHOULD be females. If u can keep them happy they SHOULDNT hermie. If u make half a mistake? They more then likely will. And you will get buds with more seeds.

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Makes sense. I guess this is why you never pollinate the same plant that was intentionally hermied with silver? Pollinate better genetics to keep the hermie genes supressed?.

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And normally to make fem’d seeds, you force a herm thru colloidal silver or some means like that. Fem’d seeds are technically hermie seeds. But the process separates them.

Its not easily triggered genetics ur passing on, its forced selfing

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Awesome, it was due to me being a newbe and light leaks. Thanks for the insight…

No problem. Seal up those leaks and reset the growop