Need help with seedlings

Hello all I am hoping someone can guide me in the correct direction. I am a new grower like a lot on here. I only am doing 2 plants as a test run because of how much the seeds cost. I got them from a seed bank.

One of them is 3 weeks old. The one with the most leaves. The other is a week old. They started turning yellow yesterday and from what I can tell there is a few different reasons for this. I was hoping someone can help me narrow it down to an exact problem instead of guessing.

I am not sure what information you need but I will provide as much as possible.

I have them in a small grow tent 48x24x60
I have 3 led lights in there 2 600 w and a 2000 w
I have them about 6 inches from the plants
I have 2 fans in the intake and exhaust ports and a fan inside kept on low
The lights are on a 16 hour run
For water now I am simply using distilled water with nothing added yet
Soil I used some standard potting soil and I added a bit perlite

I usually water once in the morning not a lot just enough to saturate the plant it’s self.

I have a humidifier in it on a schedule. It kicks on once an hour for 15 minutes.

If you need any other info let me know please.

I would dome the plants, and raise the light 8”.


Dome? Sorry not sure what you mean.

Raise the light another 8 inches or 8 inches in total?

Another 8”, and like a cup, or clear plastic cover to keep moisture in.


@Quarinteen I use clear plastic bottle with their bottoms cut off for my seedling domes.

This is what @Covertgrower is talking about doming your seedlings!




I do have a humidifier in the tent. I have it set up so it runs for 20 minutes every hour. This keeps the humidity around 30%. Should I still put a top over them?

I did raise the lights as suggested. I also kept reading they should be in solo cups and that a lot like I was using was too big. So I took them and I put them in a solo cup. I then flushed the soil with low ph water to bring the ph down. I have a soil tester and it shows it’s at 6.0 now.

I did not water for a couple of days after the flush and the on day 2 they looked healthier. They started to grow. I thought I may be ok but then saw the 4 week old plant still had yellow bottom leaves. I am not sure if I didn’t notice or it came back. Here are a couple of images. The first is from a couple of days after the transplant and the other is from today.

It would not let me add both images to the same post.

65-70% humidity for seedlings and temps of around 25c

I just put domes on to be safe. I’ll also run the humidifier longer try and bring it up a bit

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Another question on the light. One of my lights is 1200 watt the other 2 are 600 w. Should the 600 hang lower?

You only need one light right now until they get larger.
The old leaves won’t recover, watch for new growth.

Just an update. I changed the pots and flushed the soil with ph water and. It’s been a week and I’m back in business. Thank you everyone who helped!!

Good job nursing back to health. I’m trying to pop some right now. I’m at day 7 and no action so starting to worry. This gives me hope.