Need help with Seedling phase of medicinal blueberry from grower choice seed

Guys this is a cbd blueberry medicinal from grower seed choice. It’s day 4. Room temperature-72 alwayls. Grown indoor picture of the light used is attached. It’s 60w in total. I use the blue light in its full strength. Have a small 5w fan alwayls running. The plant looks weak, the fellow 4 other plant that I have planted with him all died and his the last surving memeber and I really want him to survive. Can some give me any advice to protect him??

The soil is fox farm with the blue bag with fish in it. The pot 6 gallon. The soil is very soft. I water a little on the 3 rd day. Soil it’s so soft plant keeps falling down. It’s tall but leaves are small with weak stem

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I don’t think you have enough light, that seedling is stretching too much to support itself. Give her some help by gently supporting with a chopstick or something. I’m not sure what soil you’re using but if it’s too strong it could be hurting your seedlings. What is your temp and humidity? Seedlings like around 75f and 80%, I cover mine with domes at least until they get their second set of true leaves. They really don’t need much water at the start they get water from the air until roots are up and going. Definitely look into a better light, in the meantime move light closer. Place hand over seedling, if the back of your hand doesn’t start to get hot after a minute it shouldn’t burn seedling.


Temp 74 central system
Soil:fox farm from Amazon the one with fish in it
Light is 40w currently since u said more light I put both purple and blue together at its highest strength and added for soil in the plant

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This is the soil. These are her dead fellows. The longest one is another blueberry medicinal from grower seed choice. The other 2 is critical mass medicinal from grower choiceProcessing: 04131860-7F57-4A20-8062-FE9FBA141E43.jpeg…
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Sorry to say but you might as well use a flashlight instead of those lights. Your problem is not enough light definitely.
40w is likely on the “equivalent” scale and not actual power. You need an actual full spectrum LED grow light with at least 150 true watts per plant. It will set you back a couple hundred dollars minimum but losing seeds is expensive too.

Oh, and you have to wait until the pictures load completely before hitting ‘reply’. :grin:


Well I do have 2 more of those lights and I can push it down to 80w in total and grow for a month that transport it to sunlight since spring is coming soon.

Now I’m using 80w that’s not enough even for seedling??

I think it’s more the quality of the light they put out. You’d have better luck with a clip on lamp with no shade and a 30 or 40 watt CFL daylight bulb.


The ocean forest is probably too hot for seedlings, I start mine in happy frog and I’ve never had a problem.

Common misconception. I’ve not had an issue starting photoperiods in FFOF. Autos are a different story.

The full power of all the octopus arms coupled with a generic household light would prolly be enough to keep it alive til it can go outside.

Worth asking now about watering practices too


I don’t have any issues with seedlings while running fox farm OF out of the bag with happy frog amendments added to it. be a bit hot but babies don’t really have any roots to pull it in at a detrimental rate.
@samiballer this is just my opinion
One of the seedlings (long healthy looking white root) looks like she didn’t even get a chance :confused: and was pulled up… the others look like they did in fact shoot a tap root but fell victim to a bit of a swim :frowning:

If you don’t mind sharing…

  1. Water, What are/where your watering habits?
  • for seedlings this is how I treat them to a sip of water. 1-2ml of water misted gently inside a clear plastic cup and I cover my sprout with a cup. They can’t drink like normal plants. No roots to do so, they absorb it from the air instead. :grin:
  1. Lights, This is one of the most important aspects of indoor growing friend.
    as @HMGRWN and @BWoods unfortunately those guys really aren’t going to cut it, while they are “indoor grow lights” cannabis requires significantly more powerful and intense lighting than indoor desk plants.
    If your interested we can give you some recommendations, I have purchased quite a few cheaper Amazon lights and could point you somewhere your not going to waiste any money on lights that won’t benefit your intentions.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the free grow bible offered on this site, do yourself a favor now rather than unnecessary headaches just around the corner. It’s a short 70ish pages, simple and straightforward.
  1. Read up on the posts you see in the firstgrow category, learn from others mistakes and know what to watch for .

Thanks for posting. Glad to assist.

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@BWoods Happy Cannaversary

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She’s stretching for light. Seedlings also need about 65-70% humidity and temps 78-82 degrees. Mist the inside of a clear solo cup or cut a water bottle in half and place it over the seedling to act as a humidity dome and water a shot glass around the outside of the cup every 3rd day. Drop the light to about 6-8” above the seedling. Mound some medium up around the main stem for support :love_you_gesture:


Haha thank you, love the people here. Wish I knew a lot of you in person.


I second the ffof sentiment of it being okay for seedlings. I’ve never had a problem with it. The reason I don’t use it is because I find it hard to maintain ph balance in flower. Like stated already more light and more heat are needed along with more dirt to support the stem.

Happy Cannaversary Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks for the help guys you were right it is the light issue I provided all 80 w on their strongest setting at 8 inch above and she looks healthy today and the leaves grow a lot

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Hopefully it can last until spring :))

Using a clear plastic cup to dome your plant will help tremendously. It’s not going to need much water at all, maybe a misting once a day. It’s going to need high humidity to hydrate itself via the air instead of the soil due to it. It having much in the way roots. Once it gets established and 5 -6 sets of leaves try to supplement its lighting with the sun, start in small increments of direct sunlight and gradually increase it each day, like 10-14 and it’ll be able to hang out and sun bathe.
Good luck.

But doesn’t plant needs airflow? Doming will restrict air flow, so should I turn off the fan? Or leave it on outside the dome cup

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