Need help with rust spots

Anyone know what are causing these rust spots? I many bugs around here but they come and go quick since I have a couple spiders on guard

Too wet. The standing water in the pot is a very bad thing. You need better drainage. The spots could be a fungus beginning to grow.

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Way too wet!

What soil? What nutrients? What’s ppm run off? What’s ph? If slots get worse could be nitrogen def or maybe cal/mag def but really with a few spots who knows could just be a fluke

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This morning was the only time it was near this wet and that is because my bro in law did it

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I got my soil from home there is a bit more clay than you would like but other than that its got rich compost, decently rich soil and plenty of good microbes from the garden

I also dont got the equipment to measure it but I got a good amount of earthworms in there and I have been using distilled/rainwater untill today it had some hose water with chlorine

Also good points, @PharmerBob :+1:

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Well hobbyist or professional get yourself a few cheap gadgets to start. Amazon has cheap testers that work fairly well. Ph is a big one. In super rich soil you shouldn’t need anything for a while. As that I mean late veg when your switching to bloom.

Also, I think she’s just a straight plant, if you haven’t yet chop the top (google topping) at this point you want a small bush.

I fim to do the same thing but right now you wanna stop the vertical growth and have her fill out a bit.

Also about the spots, nothings ever going to be perfect, leaves naturally die, but keep an eye on it as it’s definitely a concern.

I kill stuff all the time, in case of emergency clone! When she gets bigger and your able to remove undergrowth clone! Always clone what you can. If it’s good you’ll always have something of it going, you’ll get better at knowing the strain and you’ll find with that you’ll have a better harvest

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