Need help with problem with leaves turning color

I’m a first time grower and need help identifying problem and fixing. I’m using fox farm soil. Have not fertilized, just transplanted to larger pot two days ago. Yellowing on leaves have been present for about a week on lower plant.

I’m no expert, but it looks like the start of a nitrogen deficiency. They are getting hungry.

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Good call! It definitely looks like the start of an N def. u say u just transplanted?

Where they rootbound (rootball covered the bottom of the previous pot)? That also causes yellowing from the bottom up. If so, transplant fixed it.

Overwatering can also cause some early yellowing but that doesnt seem to be the issue.

If ur using FFOF then i wouldnt feed just yet, she has a ton of food in that new dirt and will pull thru. Same goes for Happy Frog (albeit not as heavy on the food). But u should be fine for a few weeks regardless.

Just keep a close eye and if it keeps spreading, get some runoff numbers nexttime u water.

On a second look… they look pretty nice sized for the 1 gall pots u have. If they were in even smaller containers? I change my vote from N def, to getting rootbound.

Bigger pot is the solution. Be ready to reuppot again in a week or two tho. Those gals are exploding.

I would do nothing until you have potted up and let it recover. I think they look fine.

A bit of advice: no nutes or fertilizer until the plant tells you to. If you don’t yet; purchase a decent PH and TDS meter along with calibration and storage solution and then use it. The use of these meters can greatly help you determine when it’s time to supplement.

Yes, I just transplanted they started out in a 4 inch pot then transplanted to a 7 inch pot. They were not root bound. Plants looked like they had not been growing and yellowing on lower level of leaves. I should add these plants were planted on May 2 and just transplanted on June1st.


So in a pot half that size they were not rootbound? Thats wonky… those girls look to have outgrown the pots ur currently in. Here are my 15-16 days old roots. Its time for a transplant.