Need help with odor control

What’s the best way to control I have 2 amnesia Haze autos that are flowering and I don’t have a tent or odor and ventilation kit yet just some diy air circulation for now what’s the best way to control odor

You’re going to have to get a carbon scrubber and exhaust fan and put them in a tent to eliminate the smell 100% but just running it near the plants might help with the smell. If you could hang up plastic or tarps of some sort around the plants with the filter inside might help…just thinking outside the box lol. You could try using ona gel. If you do get some try to keep it away from your plants, it’s strong but a temporary solution. Also germ guardians on Amazon have hepa filters with carbon to eliminate a number of things, smell being one of them. @wildride420

I have some of those air freshener things that you twist and leave in one place would that help to cover some of the till I can get me a tent with odor control

Haha yeah those air freshener things they are like $1 it’s probably not going to work that well.