Need help with numbers please

I have multiple types of plants growing. They have been budding for a couple of weeks now. Soil is fox farms ocean forest. Using Fox Farms trio for feed. PH going in and out is 6.2. PPM of plain water is 125. PPM after mixing trio is 1309. Run off is 2150 ppm. Do these numbers look correct? anything to be worried about? Feeding 2 times a week and phed water the other days. Some of my fan leaves keep turning yellow. Is this normal?

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Set to watching as I’m in advanced stage with same nutes, soil and problem. Already got different soil for next grow and getting new nutes soon.

Try and raise the ph if you can. Go in with 6.8. Ocean forest tends to acidify when in flower. Ppms are high, I’d water only (maybe with some plain epsom salt for magnesium) until those ppms come down.

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how much epsom salt would you add to a gallon of water?

2tbls per gal

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just curious. When using the epsom salt, do I water until I get run off?

Be sure to follow the fox farms flush schedule.

Pics of leaves and whole plant under normal light will help.

I think your numbers look low. I figure Fox Farms Ocean Forest, when new has a ppm runoff in the 2200 range.

If anything, the nutrients in the soil are being used up and need replacement. You don’t want readings below 1000 unless you are flushing. I’m not sure why yours is so low with twice weekly feedings.

Some yellowing of the leaves is to be expected starting near the bottom and working their way up. Excessive yellowing is probably a lack of nitrogen.

For soil you want a pH range of 6.2-6.8. Since some elements are absorbed at higher pH and some at lower pH, you need to vary your reading in this range. If you feed at the same pH every time certain elements aren’t taken up by the roots.

So you are saying my runoff level of 2150 ppm is low? How would I correct that?

First off, I’m not a big fan of chasing numbers. I rarely check my runoff unless I suspect a problem and am looking for a reason. Chasing numbers can cause big problems, just in the last few days someone on this forum poured vinegar on his soil in attempt to correct pH and he killed a perfectly healthy plant.

If you pH your input and trust your soil company and nutrient companies feeding schedule you shouldn’t have big issues, only little ones.

You asked if your numbers were out of wack, ppm in at 1300 and out at 2100 suggests to me that it is only picking up 800 ppm from the soil. That number seemed low to me, I would have expected it to be higher. But if your plants are healthy don’t worry about it. PH your input, varying it between 6.2-6.8 and be careful to vary it throughout the range, don’t shoot for an exact number because some nutrients aren’t absorbed at various parts of the range. With soil I’m not sure what is gained by testing ppm in if you trust the feed schedule.

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