Need HELP With My Super Skunk

Hi Guy’s,
Well my Super Skunks are coming along pretty well, we are into approx… 5 weeks now and all but one plant are looking proud. I have one girl though that I noticed that her top new leaves are twisting, not sure what’s causing this, I checked for bugs I have none, PH just about 7.0, grow room heat a little high around 82 to 84 degrees F. Humidity about 54%, I did transplant it today day due to this problem, when I transplanted it, it was in a 3 gal fabric pot and the root ball filled the complete pot, I kind of thought that might be the problem, besides that I don’t know, it’s the only one doing this…? I’d be grateful for any ideas at all. I’ve attached a couple pictures of the leaves on the plant.
Thanks Everyone !

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