Need Help With My Super Skunk Girls Feminized

Hi All,
All my Super Skunk Girls are now heading on week six of veg. I noticed that one of the plants on the top tear of leaves are beginning to twist up… I can’t figure it out, she gets exactly the same everything that the rest do , I just transplanted her thinking she was root bound and she was, but not sure that’s the problem. I’m adding a pic, any ideas please feel free to let me know .
Thanks Everyone

They look a sardine can…jam packed with new leaves. If you can get a picture of her in better light it would be helpful.

Hi Mr. Peat,
They are packed with new leaves , they are stout little girls, the actual grow area is 6 ft. X 6 ft.
And I have 10 girls in there, they are pretty healthy but that ones very new top leaves are twisted up, NOT SURE if it’s a problem or just because they are new leaves, here is a better picture, I HOPE,
Thanks for replying

The density suggests the light may be too strong? The tips curling up may be a protection response?

When you have a ton of roots in a too small pot, ph tends to bottom out. And u normally see twisted funky new growth with ph swings. Have u checkd runoff lately? She may have had it drop.

Hi Guy’s;
I’m going to check the PH runoff and I just transplanted it into a 5 gal fab pot from it’s 3 gal fab pot and it was root bound the complete 3 gal was root ball, I’m going to check the run off next watering.
Thanks for the info guys…

Hi Cannabian,
I’d say right now the 315 watt CMH lights are
about 18 inches from the tops and my 600 watt
HPS is 22 inches from the tops, so what do you think? How far from the tops should they be…
Let me know and I’ll raise them up…ok I just raised all 3 lights to a height of 24 inches above all the plants, I HOPE that’s not to high for the girls. Lol

@Hogmaster is my mh hps guy. I know nothing Jon Sn… my bad.

But no need to check it at this point except to have a reference for nexttime. Uve correctd the issue. Rootbound plants ph sucks. :+1:t5:

Thanks PurpNGold74,
I have also just raised all the lights from about 18 inches above them to 24 inches, ma be now they will start reaching a bit, they are compact that’s no …
Thanks for your response

No probs Bob. Happy growing

I have mine on the light mover so I can get a lot closer to be honest I’ve had lit on a light mover since I’ve had the light so I’m really not sure how close you guys can get put your hand underneath of it where the canopy is if it burns it’s too close

That won’t hurt, always best to reduce light when plants are stressed anyways. And if your plants are root bound remember that transplanting is also stressful. In the future maybe plant in larger containers? The cupping upwards and inwards is a typical response to too much light though.

Thanks Hogmaster,
I raised them to 2 feet above the canopy, hopefully the lights won’t be to Intense for them.


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Thanks Cannabian,
Yea, YOU KNOW I’ve read the bible of all the so called best ways to grow, starting out in smaller pots and month by month and as their size increases transplant into the next sized pots,
I thought it would be wiser like you said, in a larger pots, IM going to transplant the next 4 into 15 gal fab pots, that should take them to the end…
Thanks Cannabian

Hey no sweat! Just a word of caution though, when you put a small plant in a big pot its very difficult to not overwater. That’s the primary reason for transplanting. The problem is made a bit worse because underwateri g does not encourage root expansion. It takes some practice to get watering right.

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