Need help with my plant

Help what’s up with my plant ?? Heat burn is this ?

Can you flip your leaf over and see if you see any tiny bugs. Something is eating you leaves


Nope there is nothing i think it’s ph or heat burn it’s doin my !@#$ head in

This is what happens first then the burn comes crispy leaves

Yes that’s heat stress for sure, you can drop you grow room 5 degrees and it should be able to help that problem out, as soon as heat is adjusted the plant will fix itself within 1-2 hours unless to severe, which your at an early stage which can be fixed immediately, if the problem continues, get a runoff reading.

If it’s not heat for sure it’s a ph problem

Hello can someone pls tell me whats wrong, its only on the lower leaves and i see that it is spreading a bit.

Id check for pests

Hi there I have a headband kush on the go an it’s got a week an half left an now it’s showing pollien sack everyday only one or 2 what’s up with her an will it be ok ??

It’s hermie, those are seeds starting she got stressed out some how, depends on the grower, to me it’s not good

So what do I do with here ?? She stoped doin them now

Looks like spider mites to me I’m in war with them right now as well. Good luck spray spray spray

Spray them lightly and watch them

This a typical look of Thrips …take a close up of the bottom side of that leaf .look at the main vein where it touches the leaf they hide there … Hammer …

I’m just going to assume that this is from an outside grow. Definitely looks like a bug problem with all sorts of types. Clearly a leaf miner, and what looks like thrips, along with what appears to be mites.