Need help with my plant please and thank you!

I just watered about 4 hours ago and got the root soil ph at 6.5, I am using a MLH spectrum king 100watt ,with the light distance the company recomends at 24inches away from the top of the canopy. Used 5ml of calmag per 1 gal of R/O water along with 2.5 ml of recharge per 1 gal of R/O water. I been using the LST method for a week or so as well. Again thank you all for positive feed back. Grow :muscle:

Double post.

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Yea sorry I don’t know how to delete this from here. I was trying to post it in “indoor grow” sorry guys!! My apologies.

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This is a test

Of what @Brutus?

Hey Bnice it seems like you’re really on top of the water and ph. How’s the air quality? What is the photoperiod is it 24 hour light or is there a dark cycle? It looks almost like a light leak during the dark cycle

@Shyguy420 I have a 6inch a.c. infinty inline fan and carbon filter. I have two small fans in the grow room. One on the top by the LED and one by the plants canopy. Temps around 77° to 80° max and Humidity at 38% to 42% the leaves keep getting crispy and fall apart like they there ain’t no moisture on the leaves. Idk still trying to figure it out thanks for all the help! Also I have the light cycle at 18 hrs on and 6 hrs off. I have my tent in the basement in a room with no light so idk how it would be a light leak but I guess I will check on that too.

Dang dude… The little one looks good. Problem might be systemic. Maybe try a different strain bro… Humidity could be higher but ive never really had that happen and I grow in dry environments. Could it be overwatering? Idk we need more opinions

Yea I’m thinking I might have a heavy hand when it comes to the watering. Lol… So by over watering that could make the leaves crisp up and dry out like that? And I have a recent photo of the plants I stripped all the dead leaves and damaged leaves off basicly gonna toy with these and try a new strains I guess. Because 2 of them are looking good and these other 2 are not working with me at all. But the little one is still looking good.

Alot of times I freak out and think something bad is happening when really I’m just overwatering lol ive done it a few times and yes it can damage your plants. I mean I’m sure there are people on here that know more than me but it sounds like you have thought everything thru. One thing I would recommend is using a compost tea for the next feeding and then let it get almost completely dry before watering again. Whatever happens please let us know :+1:

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@Shyguy420 definitely brother!!! Thank you for all the help and I will show more once I get this corrected. Grow :muscle: I will get a compost tea together and get on top of that much respect!

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Good luck brother @Bnice

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