Need help with my outdoor set up

Hello everybody,
This is my first post on this page. I need help with my outdoor setup. i want to do 10 auto plants. im running into alot of issues one is that according to what ive learned so far im not suppose to transplant autos another is i was told to do 5g containers for the autos so they have enough room, im growing in a very sunny climate. Are those containers two big or is that the right size? im using oceanforest and they say its two hot for seedlings so i figured i should do some sort of set up where the top is happy frog with perlite and the bottom is ffof. that way the seedling will have time to get strong by the time it hits ffof. problem is i dont know what the ratio should be for a 5g pot.
excuse me if thats dumb im new.
my equipment list is this this;
happy frog 12qt bag x2
ffof 7.5 cubit ft
perlite roots organic
ph meter
tds meter
fox farm trio
cal mag
seaweed extract from ffof
12 5g fabric bags with handles.
whitewidow autoflower. im only getting those seeds because of the buy 10 get ten do to me being new just in case i mess up. please help


first off, welcome to ILGM. Second, I won’t be able to help you because of what you said about my mother…


5 gallon fabric pot with autos would be perfect for outside grow. I do transfer mine one-time from cups to the 5 gallon pot. Sounds like you got a good plan good luck.


thank you for your reply.


now you are being nice!!!

I was only screwing around on my first post and forgot to follow up.

Not sure what region you are in but if this is a late season crop the pests won’t be too big of a problem. Here In CA caterpillars are a problem. I spray BT at least once a week for those.

I have had bad luck with autos but your thinking of not transplanting more than you have to is the standard wisdom and your layering of soil types will do fine.

I would envision a 32 Oz cup as your seedling soil zone then you can start with the ocean forest layer.

Good luck!


thank you for your wisdom. Great info

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I had a conversation with my hydro dude and he said layering of first can cause unwanted. Excess of certain nutes and ph issues do to in consistancys

Welcome to the forum I suggest starting them in a solo cup and allowing them to grow you can start them in Foxfarm it’s a little hot But they’ll do OK in it you might have a little bit of discoloration when they first come up yellow leaves instead of green but you can take them and transplant them into a 5 gallon pot or into the ground if you put them in the ground they will get really big usually if you have anymore questions please feel free

Welcome to the group, I only grow outdoors, as hogmaster said, start in cups, putting into pots limits there size , so if can put in ground do so. A lot less work when into ground. But it sounds like you have a plan , lots of pics as growing are always welcome, also there is no dumd questions ,on here , we all started the same way.


Also I have grown with super soil in pots and in raised beds.

The raised bed plants never showed any deficiencies but the potted plants start to after about 6 -8 months. If you can go inground nature will take care of a lot of issues for you.

so i would like to do inground but soil where im at is not that good. do i dig a hole and put good soil in it or what do i do?

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Yes, the roots will venture out of your soil if they need to find something.

I would sprinkle mycorrhizae in the hole before adding your soil.


any brand in particular

You can use Foxfarm you can use promix Dig a hole fill it in with some of the new soil transplant into hole

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You can treat your soil as a medium and amend it as needed. Effectively making it a supersoil. The wider the diameter of the hole the larger the root mat. As you can imagine the bigger the collector the bigger the plant! Assuming the right genetics! That’s how the guys in Humbolt are growing trees.