Need help with my ladies


I have 2 sour d girls that are having leaves bowing down on one a kinda bubbling look on leaves on the other it looks like someone took a lighter the one side of a leave it weird I’m worried though oh one of my straw. Kush seedlings is having leaves bow down a little too! They have a 1200w led on them in cheap smart pots in fox farm soil I been using a 5.8ph in my water temps stay at or around 76deg.
Farenheit with 41%humidity I just gave the two sour diesel girls their first nutrient on 11/1/18 its mega crop by green nutrients I gave them 1/8 of the recommended strength for a gallon of water both of the sod came out the soil on 10/19 18days old have a small fan blowing air around tent and humidifier as well and an exhale co2 bag hanging even though its early


Ok first things first you’re at the wrong ph. Second what soil? You said fox farms but they make a few different ones.


I agree with @DoobieNoobie. 5.8 is for hydro. If you don’t have your pH in the proper range, your nutrients will NOT be readily available for your plants.


Also, I noticed your Rh is low @ 41%. You need to get it up closer to 70% at this stage of their life.


Thank you for the facts I just raised the ph of my water to 6.5 i was gonna flush em but i was
worried with the dropping it might have been overwatering


I’m not familiar with how to do soil, but @raustin can tell you all about it


Thanks@DoobieNoobie I appreciate the feed back I was gonna flush em with the 6.5 ph water but was worried about the problem being over watering an I guess ima have to get another humidifier so it me cool or warm humidifier the weird thing is my other plants are fine in the same environment


Yeah the wrinkled up and clawing leaves are a sign of over watering as well. So for now I’d let it dry out. Then once it’s ready water with correct ph. I wouldn’t worry too much about the humidity. It would be nice to have it at optimum but not going to kill them if not.


So what should me soil ph be?


6.3 to 6.8 with 6.5 being the ideal ph to water for soil.


Dont flush them, they are still super young and you can fix it just by watering with the correct ph from now on. YourRH could be higher but it’s not bad. I would fix your PH and see how they look in a week.


That’s what I will do I got a tester it says my soil ph is like 7 I used an electronic one and the capsule test bit I been watching them to see what happens if I get any different signs or it gets worst but anyway thank you for the advice I really appreciate it.


too much water