Need help with my Grape Ape

Started going yellow. Transplanted into new nutrient rich soil and watered with nutrients. Still not looking too good


@Cannabian @Hellraiser

Looks to be about done flowering. How old is this plant?

Those look amazing! Big and fat! Lovely fall colors… sure they could be a bit healthier in the end game, but realistically, in the wild, they would be doing exactly this. They would suck the life out of the lower fan leaves, you know, the things people remove? They are a reserve for N and other goodies the plant can no longer access from the soil. The root system is taking in P and K and water. It is robbing N because it has some mobile nutrients on board. Let it ride and enjoy the beautiful colors! Congratulations :clap: its wonderful.


What @Cannabian said.

Those are GORGEOUS! :heart_eyes::+1:

Thank you! The idea behind this is that we can crank up the air on the old fridge to bring out the colors and it is working perfectly

Cool idea! Looks awesome! I looked at that strain and yours looks like the breeder pic I saw. Nice work.

what kind of light and how high above the plants, some of the last pics looks like light burn to me

Its a tiny $120 burple light… could’ve definitely used a better light on this grow hopefully round two gets an upgrade. About 20incjes above the plant