Need help with my autoflower

Having what I think is a problem with my OG CUSH Autoflower. The leaves are yellowing. I used Bergman’s fertilizers. I haven’t had a problem until recently.
Temp. 77
Humidity 28
TDS of water 1
TDS with fertilizer 460
TDS after run off 460
Light cycle on 18 /6
SOIL Foxfarm ocean forest
Seeds started November 19 th
I was told a Cal-mag Deficiency so I have been using bloom city cal-mag

Is this just the process or something else

im still green, but to me looks like shes about 1/2 through flower? this is a part of the fade, and normal, plant starts to cannibalize its self. i would continue to give cal mag with waterings

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That is pretty low I think. My last feeding of mine in flower was over 1500PPM.
I usually give between 800-1000 with my highest being 2500 and the lowest is rainwater at about 25.


I believe you might have an issue. I can’t speak to normal “fade” in a plant because I do a lot of defoliation. However, I believe you might have a nutrient uptake issue. Either you aren’t giving her enough or the roots aren’t uptaking properly.

That pot looks awfully small for your plant. Maybe next grow start her in a larger container. I use fabric pots.

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It’s a 3 gallon pot. I am using 5 ml per gallon. Should I up it? Should I add n to it? Just trying to save it. My other 2 plants are not nearly as bad.

Yes like said above she looks hungry. You are in flower and some people take that as a sign to stop feeding Nitrogen, but looks to me that’s what she is showing. Aslo on the TDS meter should be feeding around 1500 if your are getting those low numbers first make sure your meter is correct, and if so give more. Also is that a plastic pot your are in, if so just make sure you are getting good drainage, I use ff nutes, so not that familiar with what you are using. You could be feeding correctly but if you have a salt build up, you could have lock out. Have you ever flushed ? Good luck

I have flushed but I am going to try flushing again. I use my tds meter from my saltwater aquarium. Also using RO water. After flushing I will fertilize again and build it up