Need help with light I want a budget one

2/5/5 area closet only going to use a rotary fan

Check out Amazon. Viparspectra has decent lights.


I would check with sonofarm and viparspectra both have good quality equipment for a decent price

FSGTEK 1800W COB LED which is actually a 300 watt with 6 50 watt chips 3 fans and you can daisy chain it for 113 bucks to your door off Amazon.

There a great light

My 1st light was a viparspectra tc1350 it worked really well and had built in fans but I paid like $400 for it off amazon

Which one is the right one for my area and what’s the difference in price if I go hlg

Need help I’m with media. And nutes also

Price is the big difference between the viparspectra and the hlg what size area do i have agian sorry

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2x5x5.5 closet

Ok it would be either the sx 1500 or the sx 2000

I always recommend going with the bigger light because I don’t know to many growers downsizing their grows most will expand their grow space… just my 2 cents :beers:

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what is your budget?

I will go with the 2000 any idea on a media affordable

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If you can find one locally you will probably get it for half the price you see it for online. I use fox farm happy frog and it’s online for like $35-$45/bag I get it here in town for $14-$17

You mean meduim promix hp

Around 200 think I’ma go viparspectra xs2000 have u got one better

the viparspecrra xs2000 looks like a good budget light, 240w 189 bucks. looks like it would do well in your space.

and i’m keeping in mind your grow space is 2x5x5

not that tall and the lights recommend 20 inches for flowering.

you could spend about half that and get the bloomspect ss2000 which is slightly less light. with the coupon 110 bucks. 200w. and the bloomspect gives you slightly more red. you get almost the same ppfd measurements at 12inches.

either way, you’re in good hands.

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