Need help with light amount

A question from a fellow grower:

i am growing in a little Tent 60x60x140 and I am confused with the amount of light ,i am thinking to use cfl for hall processes,would cfl 30w equal 150w would be enough

Without trying to confuse you, my experience when I was shopping for my lights was that the rule of thumb was ~50w per square foot, so if you have a 60x60 inch area, which I am assuming is 5 feet by 5 feet, that would be 25 sq, or 1,250 Watts.

If your measurments are in cm, then you would, obviously, need much less than that. I am not aware f what the metric light requirements are; however, my tent is 1 square meter, which is roughly 11 swaure feet, and I purchased a 600W light.

**Actually, in reading your dimensions, I would think you are using cm, as 140" would be almost 12 feet high. If it is 60cm x 60 cmth, en, I think the light equation would come out to ~200W or so, give or take a bit.

60x60x140 what? inches, centimeters…

You can never judge a CFL by the “equivalent watts”, this really means almost nothing as it is referring to the old incandescent lights that are absolutely useless for plants.

However, you can get away with about 40-50 actual watts of CFL light per square foot, or per square 30cm.

Hope this helps,