Need help with leaf spots

Not that I’m aware of I have it facing the back wall mostly so the fan catches the moisture and blows it around . I only seen moisture on one or two leaves after lights out in the morning

Most people rinse coco like crazy before use since they grow and are refined right on coast and hold salt stubbornly. Forgive all the questions just ruling out the little details which can lead us down a spiral


No worries ask away. I’m new and still learning happy for the help :grin:

this is what kind of detail I was hunting for you can actually drown leaves and clog stoma most ultra sonic humidifiers put out a fine mist which dries and leaves a white film on things that film is calcium. But can ruin carbon filters and clog pores on your plants RH is a pain to keep high and usually plant and the fact it respires does most of the work when it doesn’t humidifiers can help but need tons of airflow so moisture doesn’t condense on leaves (ever) day/night doesn’t matter moisture lets molds bacteria and all sorts of ugly crap happen
Odds are the added heat and airflow from your lights running are enough to keep dry during day I would do away with humidifier and slow exhaust to let plants raise RH you have range in your temps to let them warm up more


I will give it try . Thanks!


Really advanced nutrients sell a Cal mag supplement to specifically go with their line

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