Need help with leaf spots

I’m having a strange leaf issue that is affecting the older growth . Leaves affected have had purple stems since they emerged. It starts with light patchy discoloration and progresses until leaf death. Dead area is dried and crunchy.

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Strain; Bag seed afghan strain

50/50 coco/ perlite in 5 gal phat sack

PH - 5.8 in - 5.9 out

AN ph perfect grow A&B (week 2) - 2ml each / liter
Voodoo juice - 2ml per liter
B52 - 2ml per liter

Indoor cabinet
300 watt viparspectra LED @ 20 inches above plant top

Temps; 73 day / 62 night
Humidity; 60 day / 55 night
Ventilation system; Passive fresh air/ 6” extraction fan operates by temp control. 6” fan inside cabinet for air movement
AC, Humidifier, humidifier
Co2; No

Over all plant appears healthy

Begining discoloration

Mid way progression

End result

New leaf affected

I think you have a calcium deficiency, but let’s see what others have to say.

I was thinking that too but your not suppose to need to add any cal mag to these ph perfect coco

Oh, really? I’m not familiar with them. Let’s see, who can we tag, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Donaldj

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I guess it’s suppose to have some super chelated iron etc etc… suppose to make up for coco grabbing all the calcium.

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I hate to tell you to add cal mag if your nutes say don’t.

I’m also considering nute burn or N toxicity. Although it’s only one leaf at this point and I figured nute burn would cook them all. But I think a I see some claws

It’s hard to get nute burn in coco, you really have to add a lot of nutes.

@Myfriendis410 your a coco grower right? What do you think?

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it almost looks like nute splash to me in a few of the pictures
Since your using ph perfect i wouldn’t add anything that isn’t part of that line all mfg make a calmag add in you should see if they do ive never use the line myself


What’s your feeding to watering regimen? Do you feed every time? What is your TDS when you do feed?

I’m with @Countryboyjvd1971 that it looks like it may have gotten immersed briefly or splashed with nutes. The clawing may be due to low temps. I would try to get everything up another 10 degrees if possible. That’s getting low enough to potentially cause a hermaphrodite and will certainly slow her down.

Overall she doesn’t look bad and I see you are letting it dry between watering/feeding; good.

My tds with my last feeding was around 600ppm ( it was around 200 ppm but the nute schedule for week 2 bumped it up to the 600ppm) I feed every time I water once every 3-4 days. Can’t say 100% I didn’t splash some but I am very careful when I water. Should I get both day and night temps up? Only way I can keep night temp up for now is to keep lights on 24/7. Still in the 30’s here. Will switching to 24/7 from an 18/6 cause a problem?

Odd it looks more like

and very unlikely to be Cal or mag I am just curious why since ppm should be high enough are you confirming ph is correct or assuming PH not so perfect is setting ph right?
Yes you can add Cal-mag to line another factor did you thoroughly rinse your coco before use? it is kind of important to rinse coco. You could add AN cal-mag but first answer above questions to rule some issues out

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I check the ph after I add all the nutes . I didn’t trust it either lol but 5.8 every time . Runoff ranged between 6.2 and 5.9 so far

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Phosphorous deficiency was something I was considering also

Not phosphorus if ph is coming out correct are they on a cold floor?

I’m using distilled water also if that matters

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check my edit above

Not on floor, in my cabinet on a shelf

Put 2 gallons of ph’d water through the coco in the pot I’m using now before I transplanted. I use the canna coco in the bag not brick style.

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is humidifier misting onto leaves? I have had issues where the moisture condenses and damages leaves

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