Need help with GOLF LEAF IN SOIL

3 weeks since flip. She was looking healthy as ever then clawing leafs and growth all but stopped. I’m in supersoil with FFOF on the top half. I have added RECHARGE weekly and I did do a bottom water (fabric pot 5 gallon) but don’t see how that would effect but I’m new at this…I’m checking PH going in and it’s been 6.3 - 6.7 every watering but having to use citric acid to get PH down as out tap is 7ish. I haven’t looked at PH coming out because of supersoil but I think that’s what’s needed at this point. Suggestions?

Fill out a support ticket that will help figure it out.

Looks a little over nitrod tho. Maybe too much water but thats a guess. Support ticket will help.