Need help with genetics for Kentucky


Kentucky can get really humid in the harvest season with lots of rain. I really prefer indica over sativa but with the humidity and rain comes mildew and mold.
Are there any high thc strains that are indica dominant, high yielding, and resistant to mold or am I just day dreaming?


A auto might be what your after, be ready well before the humidity arrives , have you checked out the autos they have for sale here? There’s a lot of indica strong autos for sale :call_me_hand:t6:


Autos can be a good choice. I believe you asked about mold resistance. Have a read through these seeds


I agree - autos started in may and done by late July is something I am thinking of trying this summer.


I’ve considered autos but growing here isn’t legal and I can only grow outdoor so to keep consequences low and yield high I try to go for 4 large plants. last year I went with ilgm’s bubblegum amd overall loved it but had some issues with mildew and mold my largest was a monster weighing in around 3 lbs of flower dry but lost 1/5 of the plant to mold. I just want genetics better suited for my situation and environment


One of the properties that makes a strain more mold resistant is bud structure. A thick dense bud structure will retain more moisture and not naturally dry out as fast. Unfortunately, that’s also usually a quality that makes a plant a heavy yielding strain.

To be more mold resistant you would prefer something that has tendency to be a little more airy in bud structure. Which is typically more sativa dominant or lower yielding. There are certainly exceptions, and some hybrid strains that are kind of middle of the road. I think the suggestion of autos is something worth considering.


I fully understand bud structure and what causes mold to happen and like you said in your response “There are certainly exceptions, and some hybrid strains that are kind of middle of the road.” - this is exactly what I’m trying to find. I appreciate all the fast responses and I know autos would be easier but once again for legal reasons I’m not willing to have more then 4 plants so in my situation autos won’t make enough yield. I know it’s nit picky to ask something like this and I don’t want my responses to come off as rude but I have no idea where else to try n search for answers about actual grow data on strains so thought this would be a good place to start


The reality of situation is that even really good strains for outdoor grows in ideal climates go down for bud rot issues all the time. So you just have to decide how much you’re going to risk or compromise.


Did you look at budbrothers post? It has a link to mould resistant strains ilgm sell


Yeah kiwi I looked thru them and had already been eyeballing the heavy hitters mix pack lol :crazy_face:… dbrn32 once again not to be rude at all but I understand this. I’m asking for personal suggestions on strains not what is causeing my situation, or other ways I can go about it. I prolly should have worded the original post differently… that was also my first forum post ever so bear with me. It’s just hard to find indica dominant plants that are mold resistant.


I grew several varieties outdoor this summer all but Bubblegum and Granddaddy purple had bud rot. Granddaddy purple stayed out the longest. Our fall here was extremely rainy but didn’t seem to bother GDP at all. GDP also produced my biggest yield.


Crazy… Last year I had 4 strains ak47, white widow, bubblegum, and my own hybrid but BG was the only one that I had any real mold issues especially anywhere where leafs overlapped touching other leafs or a stem. Mabey better trimming could have helped or coulda been just a fluke two just want to make sure I get genetics to be resistant to it if I can… On a side note ilgm bubblegums flavor is amazing one of the tastiest strains I’ve had in quite a while.


I agree Bubblegum is a great smelling and tasting strain. This is my wife’s favorite so it will be a strain I grow regularly.


In veg crystal loves humidity. Shes listed in the extreme high thc. Shes about 25% and also has high cbds. I grow 1 every grow for tinctures. If growing outdoors what’s your humidity in the fall?


Depends on the rain here… dense clay soil is all we have here it releases a lot of mosture over the following few days after a rain it will stay close to 100% humidity if it rains much at all n stay that way for about 4 days. biggiest issue is as soon as it starts getting cooler out in the fall it always brings in a shit ton of wind and rain in pretty unhealthy amounts.