Need help with flushing

I wasn’t sure if I flushed enough times before I harvested my plants so I wanted to ask you all for advice . I flushed with water and molasses 3 times in a 10 day period . Flushed and waited till pot was dry and flushed again etc. and then I flushed the last 4 days in a row before I harvested . Did I flush enough?

Thanks for the help . So my question is how often in the last 2 weeks of flower should I flush and did I flush enough???

Did you use chemical nutrients or organic nutrients for your grow?
If chemical nutrients sounds like you did well.
If organic nutrients than in my opinion no flushing was necessary.

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I used coco ab
And kool bloom

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Yep flush away

Sounds like u did okay. Works out pretty good if u leave the plant in total darknedd for 24 to 48 hrrs. All the stuff in plant drops into the root ball. When u open fdoor to chop donit super quick. Less than a minuye or 2 and the stuff from roots will shoot back up thru the plant so be quick and get it cut quick before anything shoots thru the atalks. adds a bit better taste to it becaise alot gets trapped in root ball that dont need to be there in the plant. Good luck