Need Help with Diagnosis on Grow!

Hello all!

Reaching out once again to ask for a little help with my most recent indoor grow. Plant is currently in week 6 since seed and has only received nutrients from Fox Farm organics. The plant began preflower (please bear w/ me as I’m still a newbie to this and am not fully certain preflower is being represented) and I placed it in 24 hour light for about 5 days to keep it in veg phase. Currently running an 18-6 light schedule, watering daily to keep soil moisture level around 6-8/10. pH is 7 and I am using the Bloom Plus BP1000 off of Amazon (Bloom Plus BP1000.

I transplanted around a week ago and feel as though transplant shock may be playing a part as well. The branches at the top of the plant are turning purple as well as a majority of the plant canopy wilting, one branch picture includes what looks like nute burn? I’ve attached a couple images for review, my initial thoughts are magnesium deficiency or transplant shock.

Overwatering. You need to let them get down to 1 or 2 before watering again. Also that probe is useless for ph. It would probably tell you battery acid is a 7


Totally agree with @BobbyDigital with all. Those probes will get u n a baaadd spot


Agree with others, cannabis like wet/dry cycles


Thanks for the response! I’ll go ahead and modify my watering schedule and water only at 1 or 2. Also, I was told on my end to take the pH meter w a grain of salt and to only really modify nutrient add-ins if I see the plant reacting in a way that would suggest that step is really needed.

Thank you! Will be taking @BobbyDigital’s advice and will reduce the frequency of watering!

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Thank you Dave! I am modifying my watering schedule and will update with results!

You should be ph’ing your nutrient solution before giving it to the plant with a decent digital ph meter. Your soil could be sitting at 4 and that ph probe would still tell you 7.


I’ve done that myself,

This makes me think you are using a probe type meter: ditch it because it’s worthless for PH.


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I think me an @Covertgrower was talking about this a few threads back but not real sure temps an humidity looks good when you say ur pH in assuming ur run off not just inlet an like @Dave101 asking ur light distance?

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@Kak What do PH and PPM #s look like?
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When thinking about where to grow indoors, you should also consider the temperature of your grow space and remember your temps will rise once you have your grow lights running!.