Need help with diagnosing my plants


Please I need help with my plants. I’m growing some lemon haze & fire OG. They’re about a month old & I’m feeding with dyna gro. Can’t say for sure what was done wrong because it’s my farm attendant that has been taking care of them for like a week now. We’ve fed once within that period.

Can someone please tell me what’s wrong & how to sold it?

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It seems a nutrient deficiency, maybe iron. Let me tag experienced members, they will give you a precise diagnosis.

@PurpNGold74 @Cannabian @Myfriendis410 what do you think folks?

Wow this looks kind of concerning, maybe the soil is not giving enough nutrients? But then again the bright nest on the dark leaf looks like a fungus but it’s not the right pattern this is very confusing but like mentioned before I would fill out a support ticket maybe give it a little bit more water the soil looks very dry

Kinda looks like LED burn to me. Been researching that as I inch my new light closer. But that looks like it’s planted outside? What source of lighting are you using?

I have personally “burned” mine with dyna grow foliage pro. Didn’t look anything like that.

I watered immediately after taking the pictures.
I figured if it has anything to do with a lockout or nutrient burn, that’s all I can do still.

That’s what the dyna grow burn looked like.

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It’s planted outdoors, so sunlight. My first guess is a lockout. Since dyna-gro isn’t organic & the soil looked dry, I assumed all I need to do is flush. Just asking more experienced grower in case I’m wrong.

Yeah, I dunno then that was my best guess. They will get you sorted out here. Good luck!

Then mine isn’t a burn then.

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Honestly? Looks like iron deficiency to me… but u never see that in plants in soil… let alone 4 at one time.

Im guessing ur ph is waaaaay outta wack. What kind of soil?
What kind of water?
Have u added anything to supplement nutrients?


Definitely something you don’t see everyday. The plants in the bags if Possible a good place to start I would get me a runoff and check my pH.

Like I mentioned, we fed not more than a week ago. It’s just regular soil with some poultry manure. Soil doesn’t drain very well though. I haven’t been testing pH. Ordered some equipment already though. & it’s regular well water. The pH was fine the last time I tested. I’ll test again when my meters get here to see if anything has changed.

I’m also growing Alaskan purple in a separate place & I fed that with the same solution these were fed with. That one isn’t acting out.

Welcome to our forum, can I trouble you to fill out a support ticket? Im sure one of the nice gentle people here have a copy of it? Or you can find it by using the magnifying glass search at the top of your screen. Type in support ticket.
Also describe how you started the plant and in what kind of medium, how long since transplant etc.