Need help with Coco Coir Feed Schedule


Question 1:
I own a 50L bag of Coco Coir Professional and was told by a Hydro store owner to use Coco A+B nutrients. However, after multiple google searches, why isn’t anyone using it?

I read about someone using Flora Trio and Calimagic, and their plant looks nutrient deficient (under canopy leaves, some were yellow).

Question 2:
Is anyone using the Coco A+B nutrient solution and what’s your feeding schedule?

I appreciate anyone and everyone’s suggestions.

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I add about 20% composted manure and/or worm casting and use Happy Frog dry amendments. I mix the soil, add the HF and the plants are good for a month or so. I then top dress every month. All I do is water.

If I had to guess, I would say cost.


I’ll look out for your mentioned products in Australia… forgot to mention my country :rofl:

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@anon33684698 can help you out.

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Hey thanks buddy :+1:

Hi @Supasmiley welcome to this amazing space! I’m also an Aussie and have had to take the great advice I get on here and then see what I can do to apply it to my grow, since we just can’t get (or pay too much for shipping) so many of the products the others can get. I personally chose Professor’s Nutes which are Aussie made and once I understood what I was meant to be doing with them, they’ve worked wonders! I buy them on fleabay because I don’t have a Hydro store in my town.

I grow Autos and if I don’t stuff them up lol, I regularly get really good yields off them which I attribute to the light I have, the training I’ve been taught to do, and of course the nutes I buy. I feed every single water (ie the girls never get plain water) and have never had any issues with salts build up or Nute burn. Hit me up if you’d like to know any more :ok_hand:

I’ll tag you over into my journal, but I’m warning you it’s pretty long since it’s just one big thread since I started almost a year ago :purple_heart:


Hi BStarr,

Is there a way to send private messages?

If not, I currently have my seedlings outdoors during the day and indoors during the night.

I’d prefer to grow indoors and have an expensive indoor set up. But how much smell do they produce? … Really, does a carbon filter musk the smell?

I’m not using the indoor set up because I don’t want my neighbours to smell it.

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Hey buddy nope no PM’s on this platform unfortunately but that helps for the security side of things.
To answer your questions about smell, ahhh hell yeah buddy they stink! I’d go indoor and stealth than outdoor where the whole neighbourhood will know when the breeze blows…
I have a couple of indoor tents and say I’m watering the ladies in flower while my Mrs is hosing outside, she says she can smell the moment I open the tent door. I’ve gone with an Aussie Roo carbon filter on all of my tents (including the drying tent) and have to say I’m really happy with the performance :ok_hand:

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Hey BStarr,
ILGM isn’t shipping to Australia right now.
So where do you go for seeds?

Hey sorry for the late reply, I’ve been super busy lately!
I’m actually very lucky in that I went a little crazy on buying seeds to begin with. I got the 5 x Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights plus 20 x White Widow to begin with and then two more orders of 20 seeds each of Banana Kush and Blue Dream, then Granddaddy Purple and Zkittles. Plus several of my plants have either had immaculate conceptions with the odd seed or two and then I’ve had a problem with nanners which knocked up a couple of my plants so I currently have like 108 Northern Lights seeds.
Long story short, I don’t need to buy seeds again for a very, very long time, so sorry, I’m no help!

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You’re a smart person :facepunch::clap:

I just got a little excited is all. I don’t suppose you’re nearby? I’m in the Sunshine State… Not the same one Tupac was referring to but I’ll take this lyric :sweat_smile::rofl::+1: