Need help with choosing a led light please

Hi guys and girls im keen to change over to led for the summer months im thinking about getting somthing like this would it be anygood? Can somone please let me know if this would be worth getting? Thanx in advanceimage

The specs on the site look ok but never heard of em not that it matters. Looks like a nice set up
Do a search in the forum on LED lighting and you will find a million threads on the subject , what peole are using and with what result.
Hope it helps


Thanx @Growit i was thinking of this light because i wouldnt have to pay import tax il wait and see what a few ppl think. I want to run 2 of these in a 10x5 tent and have good canopy penetration i scrog 12 plants at a time.

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I’m a huge COB fan. If the PAR readings are what they say they are with the graph they include then I’d give them a go.

There are three main producers of Chip On Board tech.

Cree, Vero and Citizen.

With that being said, there are quite a few Chinese manufactures that produce COB tech as well , those you have to research more closely.

Check warranty and return options with this.

I use different lights that have different Cree COB sizes.

One has six CXB 3570’s another has two CXB 3590’s (larger) and a single light fixture utilizing a single CXB 3590.
They are extremely bright as are all COB’s.

Do your research, then pull the trigger.

From what I could ascertain, from a performance standpoint, the light your looking at would perform well.

For that size area, two of them would be advisable.

I hope I could have been of help to you.

Have a great grow and a great summer!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Thanx @Alton66 that was very helpful yup i was thinking 2 they say that will draw 1800w at the wall

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You guys don’t think 3.8 square meters coverage at less than 20” height is a little suspect?

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@Iva ive been doing abit of reading and sounds like ur abit of a led guru could u please let me know what u think anout this led and its specs imageimageimageimage. @Donaldj are screen shots ok?


I believe that light is over-advertised. Forget the par readings for a minute, 6 cobs isn’t going cover an area anywhere near 2.5m x 2.5 meter.

Two of them could possibly do ok in your tent. How much do they cost? And do they list how many amps or wattage they pull from the wall?

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I just need them to cover 1.5mx1.5m each its a 3m by 1.5m tent they draw 900w at the wall each $1300 nzd each @dbrn32

Well ebay just helped burst my bubble i think i just found the same lights on there even tho the site i looked at said theyre made somwhere else think it might be abit of false advertising going on

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sourcing products is funny if you find one place there are usually cheaper options at Amazon or Ebay


Thats true @Donaldj

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Any idea of what the conversion to US dollar is?

900 watts at the wall is probably running around 100 Watts per cob or so led power. I could only guess that the drivers are around 80% efficient, and there will be some fan power there too. Most of the US light manufacturers would rate their lights similar to that for a 4’x4’ area. So take that for what it is.

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Cheers for that @dbrn32 i think i might pass on these then have u heard of the black diamond perfect sun goliath?

Its $625 usd

For $600 it doesn’t seem unreasonable if it meets specs and doesn’t fall apart.

I’m not sorry. I build my lights, and have limited experience with a few of the more budget friendly amazon led panels.

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