Need help with brown spots!

Ilgm northern lights auto
Planted 1-15-18 into 50/50 mix ocean forest and happy frog in 3 gallon fabric pot.
Fox farms nutrients (grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom, beastie bloomz) at 1/2 strength. Water, feed, water schedule.
1- 450 viparspectra and 1-450 meizhi led lights at approx 18 inches above canopy.
6 inch fan and carbon filter.
Water is municipal, but allowed to sit in 5 gallon buckets with bubbles for 24 hours before use.
Ph water going in is 6.5, ppm is 1270.
Ph out is 6.3, ppm is 720.
Did give dose of calmag on 3-29. 1 tablespoon per gallon.

My white widow behind it has no issues. Both have been givin same feedings. Need help with figuring out what is wrong with no.

this is norther lights auto

this is white widow auto right behind NL

@Donaldj, @Covertgrower

I did flush approx 2 weeks ago also. Thought it could have been salt build up. Temps is 77 during day and 69 at night. Only issues is with NL autos. White widows are doing great

@Sasquatch, @Jmesser80, @Flyr, @Rugar89

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@Bshmstr you could get a picture under normal light it would be helpful. PPM of 1270 in, and 720 out means that she’s hungry. But which element? She is in flower, and it could be potassium, or phosphorus with just a guess with out normal lighting. Normal lighting we could get more specific.


@Bshmstr you definitely have a deficiency there even in that light you can see that but like @Covertgrower has said a photo of them in natural light and great people like Covertgrower and others will help just one more opinion mate I would add your Cal-Mag every feed for sure hope we can help you :v:️.

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@Covertgrower, @Johnzy81 hope these pics help better. To me it looks like a calcium deficiency, or possible manganese deficiency. But I’d rather ask for help before I do anything drastic

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Those look like hungry plants. Could be a P deficiency, or an overall deficiency. What are you feeding?

Fox farms grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom, beastie bloomz, bembe as fox farms chart says. Only doing 1/2 strength @raustin

Did you see any improvement with the cal mag?

I use those same nutes, I’ve never had this problem.

I agree with @raustin do you have a Ph reading and PPM Reading I would personally stick with the Cal-Mag and get some bloom booster into them and get some reading @Bshmstr mate good luck :v:️.


His PPM is 1270, and Ph at 6.5. I think it’s a calcium deficiency. She needs more cal mag.


Thanks @raustin I should off had a look first that’s all good I agree with you completely :+1:


@Bshmstr thanks the natural lighting, it’s much easier to understand what’s happening based on actual colors. I agree with you that it appears as a calcium deficiency.
Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 or @Donaldj can just reaffirm this as safeguard second opinion. They’ll be along shortly.

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I agree it looks hungry for Phosphorus because it looks like the lower growth is greener and healthier looking. Plants deficient in Phosphorus start from top to bottom.


I’d like to thank everyone for the help!!! I will definitely have to feed more and give more calmag for sure. I just wasnt for sure if it was a calcium deficiency or not.

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