Need help with bringing water temps down in rdwc

having trouble with water temps in the high 70s to 80s. i cant afford over $100 water chiller so using ice packs, frozen water bottles. any ideas or recommendations

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Million dollar question right there.
People try all kinda stuff but idk of any soild methods other then water chiller. .
Is it in an air-conditioned room?

I have a portable I will set up to see if it helps. I run lights at night to keep the heat down.

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Question is how warm is the water getting? And are you seeing any problems arising from the warm water?

I would get gallon jugs of distilled water and freeze them. A frozen gallon lasted quite a bit longer than water bottles but it still took having 4 or 5 on hand in the freezer to cycle through while the thawed ones were re-freezing.


Set up you air pump to where it is pulling the cold AC straight into its intake.
Idk if it will have much of an effect but pumping in cold air could maybe drop it a little bit…

Highest temp I have recorded is 80. Plants look a little distressed, curling leaves and browning tips

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Thank you so much

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Few more ideas that may help without spending alot of money you could insulate the res and buckets even the tubing somehow.
Even just some sorta white or reflective tape so they aren’t black. Black absorbs light and loght is heat.
Res outside of tent if possible and temps outs tent are cooler…

Good luck with it my freind.

A piece of styrofoam fitted around plant and covering tote or bucket dropped my temps 5F. Rez outside grow space will also make a difference.


thank you all for your help. we places a portable ac unit in the room and its helped a lot. hopefully this grow will be saved.

![20220505_190921|666x500](upload://tMIGxfm7Cn3yjRm08fFsdKekDRG.jpegth 1 on the Left concerns me

the one on yhe left, any hope?

Almost there

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