Need help with bag seed plants

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So I could use some help to figure out what to do with the veging ones. I need to 12/12 the tent to flip them obviously photos. Do I just flip or do you defoliage or top or anything like that. Or just keep trying to talk him under the net, like that worked on the last ones!

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Personally I would just flip and wait till the flowers are above the netting before trimming below the net. :+1:

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Cool cool thanks for the reply

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At day 21 and day 42 after the good times to defol or lollipop plants. Or close to them days. Usualky aroind then the plants start to stall and do a root stretch and then is best to do what u will.with the plant. Looking super nice. Seems like u have a good green thumb w2g

Thanks, trying hopefully we will stay on track.

Autopots are really doing all the work. O and Hlg😎