+++Need help with autoflowers yellowing leaves

Hello all,
I’ve been growing my 5 autoflowers in 5 gallon grobags outside in a fenced-in area. They were doing great until I fed them some Jacks the other day. Now there seems to be a lot of yellowing of the leaves. The areas where the flowers are growing seem to be doing just fine, but some of the leaves towards the bottow and middle are turning yelow. I’m guessing nutrient burn?
I’m growing Wedding Cake from seed in Happy Frog and feeding Jacks 321 for the past few weeks. I gave them a healthy watering yesterday with Jacks and I’m thinking I need to pull back, maybe water with just plain spring water for the next few waterings.

Any advice would be appreciated.



From what I can see it looks like potassium deficiency.

Could be pests though being outdoors.


I always consider yellowing from the bottom up as a sign of a hungry plant transferring the mobile nutes from the lower fans up top to the new growth. Up pot them and feed them.


Well into flower, so shes screamin feed me daddy! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is an old chart I made to feed a little heavier if it helps. The only thing different now is I start with 1.4g of epsom. And just add as i go through the gallons. I did this to use with my rez. since I start with 11 gallons when I mix. I have ran the 20% and it didn’t hurt the other plants in the tent.


Thanks for all the responses! I watered them yesterday with just plain spring water and they seem ok. I think I agree with one of the posters, some yellowing of the bottom leaves not the end of the world, just sending energy to the top. If anyone else believes I’m in trouble I want to hear it, but for now seems like my girls are safe.

Thanks again!

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The reasons they transfer nutes up like that is often depleted soil and/or dehydration. Do you feed wkly?

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