Need Help with Autoflower

This is my first time growing Autoflower. What size pots to use and what kind of premixed soil should I use? And what kinds/how much nutes to use? I have Fox Farm on hand. Thanks a lot

3 gallon minimum for indoors, 5 for outdoors. For soil, mybe @Cyle1 can chime in. I grow in homebrew organic soil. You’re good with FF, follow feed recommendations. Don’t feed until round baby leaves shrivel and fall off. Also get a PH and TDS meter if you don’t have one.

Happy growing!

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I really love the roots organic original mix. I also like the FFOF soil if you transplant into it and not start in it. You will know when to start feeding when your runoff ppms get down below your suggested feeding schedule.


I think 3 gallon pot is solid choice, as any of the recommended soils.


I’m thinking of using the roots organic original mix should I add anything to it like fertilizer, perlite etc? Thanks