Need help with Apera/nutes

Please save my plants from me!! Arggg…mixed up my Jacks to feed the 2 girls. Started with (can’t kill me) LSD & got about 1/2 a gallon in pot before remembering I put Grow Dots in her pot when transplanting her! I followed with water with good run-off & begged her forgiveness. So, miss wedding cake got just jacks. Ok. I had calibrated the Apera pc60. I’ve read posts here, read manual, watched YouTube & the measurements aren’t being comprehended in my brain. In 5gal coco
Ph in- 6.51
Ph out 5.5
Then the others I can’t figure out what I need to know that’s important to check each feeding.
Meter has TDS 4.94 There isn’t a ppm on the tds screen it has ppt.
Then EC 5.45
Now ques #2- @Nicky in coco only grows, I thought I was to water when plant felt lighter,ect but then I see others say no I need to be feeding/watering every day. If so, do I water to run off every time, keeping coco moist? I know you do coco but if you use Apera meter :point_up_2::point_up_2:I need help.
Thanks everyone!!


I’m a very bad night owl & haven’t been to sleep yet. Now I’m baked & in bed so I’ll check in this afternoon. :sleeping::zzz:

Coco gets watered to 5.8 not 6.5 so there’s that.

Next up, I don’t use an Apera but let me drag in a bunch of coco growers, knowledgeable folks, and maybe people who also use the Apera.

@Growingforothers @Low @AfgVet @HappyHydroGrower @Covertgrower @MattyBear @JaneQP @Capt.Cola @kaptain3d @Joshmcginnis28

Not all of these folks grow in coco and not all of em use Apera, but between all of them I suspect they can give a better, more coherent answer than I can. Somethin’ looks off about what you’re reading back as numbers from your meter but it ain’t in my arsenal of help.


:point_up: This. I’m not sure what the question is. I don’t use apera anymore. However this should help

Always water til run off. That ec is super high. Like, hot soil high. Should keep it around 900-1100 out for coco

About the ppt…

It is important to know that 1000 PPM = 1.0 PPT. They are the same measurement made different by only 3 decimal places.

So for example, if you get a reading of 1.86 PPT, that would be 1860 PPM.

It is similar to if you are measuring distance in feet. Eventually, once you have thousands and thousands of feet, you can instead measure in miles. It is the same principle here. Large numbers are transformed into smaller more manageable numbers yet still mean the same thing; 10,560 feet is 2 miles. 2000 PPM is 2 PPT.

Most Apera testers will switch from PPM to PPT at the point it reaches 1000 PPM. It does this because even the most inexpensive of our meters are capable of testing up to 10,000 PPM. That number is too large for the 4 digit display on our instruments, so we must convert these measures into smaller numbers for ease and convenience. That is why we include the PPT measurement unit.

Here are some more examples to help clarify the relationship between these 2 measures:

1500 PPM = 1.5 PPT

1750 PPM = 1.75 PPT

2.5 PPT = 2500 PPM

3.95 PPT = 3950 PPM

By remembering this simple math conversion, you will never be lost when reading measurements with PPT.


Im growing in coco with jacks.
The plant with grow dots should just be getting plain water. If its tap water with ppms above 100 then pH it to 5.8. No extra nutrients unless the grow dots stall on you and the plant starts to show deficiencies. If its distilled or RO water just use it as is and watch for problems. You can monitor runoff ppms and watch for it to drop. Do not test runoff pH in coco or you will go insane. Just do not worry about the pH out. Just make sure its 5.8 going in.

Using Jacks just follow the formula. Adjust to 5.8. Don’t monitor pH out. I check ppms out from time to time and if it starts to go up above what I’m putting in then I just use plain water next time.
In RO water my mix hits 5.8 every time so I don’t even check it anymore.


Looks like they’ve got you covered


I think the water being used plays a big roll. If I didn’t monitor my runoff I would not have known how far out of range it was getting. The plant was showing PH issues and runoff confirmed what I was seeing.
I tried reducing feed rate, using more RO only and finally had to flush. It had climbed to 6.8. Not what you want in coco. My well water has a high pH and PPM 180 - 200. Over time the calcium built up despite always having 20% + runoff.


Granted it can happen.
Perhaps I should have qualified with unless you start to see issues.
I have RO water which is about 6 to 9 ppms to start with.
I went crazy when I started with coco because it alters the pH so much I kept trying to fix it.
So now I don’t worry, but I do watch the ppms pretty closely.


These folks got you covered.


@Low Thanks! That’s easy to remember. So, that would mean the ppm is almost 5000! That can’t be right can it? What range should it be if water/feeding daily?


Thank you @Spiney_norman That’ll definitely help alleviate some stress. So do you feed jacks/water every day even if coco is already moist? Just feed/water full strength period. And ph checks of course. My tds was almost 5k! Coming out. I checked twice. If ph is normal, why would that be so high & should I be doing anything to counter it being that high? Traditionally that # would mean I have a buildup of nutes in the coco and I would flush it? Oh, yeah I know not to feed the grow dot girl anything else. That was me & stopped as soon as I realized what I was doing. I put a new plant tag in her that says No Jacks :rofl:

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I somehow still feed my growdot girls jacks semi regularly. :man_facepalming:t3::sweat_smile:


@Graysin Glad to know I’m not alone! That girl is my mutant plant with the funky leaves. She was more of a runt & now she has bypassed the other one just growing along like all my mistakes were just meant to be :joy:

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Oh yeah. My mutant grow dot lady ended up netting me about 37 grams. Not shabby considering how she looked 6 weeks in.

Meanwhile her sister started at the same time; photo from the same day. :joy:

Wow, big difference. Even the newest leaves on mine are mutant & humidifier has been off 4-5 days now.

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Really hope to be in Autopots for next grow!!

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You’re too hard on her.

Hey @Fiz wheres Betty? We need mutants up in here.


I’m in coco, and soil, and feed in at 700-900. if it hits over 1000-1100 out I feed water only next, track run off, if it’s in range of what I put in I feed again next time.


Your wish is my command!

Betty, 4/1
Betty, 4/16
Betty, 4/23

Oh, she’s Day 88. I harvested her sister last week.

And I think we can include Audrey in the mutant category - she’s a dwarf.

4/24 - Day 83. Betty and Audrey are seed sisters.


I dont use that meter but coco should be watered daily with nutrients not just water.
Ph at 5.8* just like any other hydroponic grow.
Coco is a form of hydroponics after all :grin:
You want a good bit of runoff every time if you top feed.
I bottom feed mine so of course i dont have runoff.

You do not necessarily have to water coco daily, it want hurt them but one if the bigest reasons most like coco is you get explosive growth if you water every day, some water multiple times a day with timers, or autopots with coco are a big hit and tjey are a constant feed 24-7…

Thats my 2 cents :sunglasses: