Need help with age of my plants started from clones

I’m trying to figure out the age of my plants so i can better deliver the right amount of nutrients to them from the recomended week on FF feeding schedule for soil. I’ve been feeding them from week 4 which recommends 3 tsp Grow Big and 3 tsp of Big Blum and i’ve been adding 1 tsp of CaliMagic. The plants love this feeding so far but i’m thinking it’s time to advance to the next week. I do think i’m farther along than 4 weeks that’s why i’m being cautious with my next feeding change. I have 7 plants. They were started 3 months ago. Started in soil from bottles of water with no cloning additives at all (3-1) which was 11 weeks ago. I’m gonna add a pic of all seven, the tallest is 25 inches and others vary in height, some are topped others not. Just needing a good reference point of what week i’m in. Pre flower did start a couple weeks ago. If i go by when they start flowering what week would that put me. Confused !

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Sorry, just read rest. When You’re ready to flower, there should be a transition from vegg to flower, just follow that. When you switch to full blown flower, run a flush to remove the vegg nutrients buildup


Exactly what I was going to say. If the plants are happy, don’t change a thing. You could bump up their feeding slightly, but I doubt they need it. They look great! Clones are tricky, because they’re technically the same age as the mother, which could be months old. Once they’re rooted they should be fed the same as mature plants, right about week 3 or 4 like you have been is where I would start. @HornHead has you covered on the transition. Once you flip, wait until you have buds forming, and start feeding flowering nutrients at the week 1 flowering schedule, then.


Like the others said, feed them based on plant stage. If you veg them for longer than 4 weeks, most schedules would just have you repeat week for 4 feedings until you put them into flower. Fox farms has a schedule, and I’m pretty sure it references light schedule. You should check out their drain to waste schedule.