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Hi everyone, I have a pretty straight forward question here, I have female seeds but have never grown before, I’m wondering if I plant a seed and it starts to grow, if it will do it’s own vegetative stage itself in the normal sun light or if I would need a light to keep it in veg indoors? Thanks to anyone that can answer this for me.:v:

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For a seed start , indoor would be better for the first few weeks.
You won’t need anything special to get it started. A few cfl daylight 6500 k bulbs for after it germinates.
They’re pretty fragile when they start but once they get 3-4 sets of leaves and your outdoor weather is warm enough ( 10 c or better at nite ) it should be good to go outside.
Depending if you’re going into spring or fall now.


Thanks @Oldguy
But will the plant veg itself for about 8-9 weeks on its own in the sunlight though? since it’s a female plant and it’s outside which means a 12-12 scale in lighting which as far as my knowledge goes, is what puts a plant into flower, I’m just asking because I have female seeds. Would I just have to go buy auto flower seeds as I know a lot of people use auto flower seeds for outdoors.
Any help appreciated, thanks again :sunglasses:


Yes if they are photo fem seeds they will need to be in more than 12 hrs light or they will go into flower stage. So yes outside will end up causing them to go into flower if u dont have more than 12 hrs of light there.

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If your day light hours are roughly 12 hours then they would need supplemental light to keep them in veg.
If you’re up around 14 plus then they can veg outside if temps allow.

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If you put your plant outside with less then 13 hours of daylight then your plant can flower

  • if it is mature enough.

If you have less then 13 hours per day of daylight you can leave your plant under an outdoor light for a few hours every night to keep it from flowering.

With photoperiod plants your plant will stay in vegetative state all summer until the number of light hours falls below thirteen again, about four months from now. Gives your plants time to grow into trees.

If you don’t want to wait 6 months before your first harvest you need to do an autoflower grow. Those will be ready in about half that time.


Good info :+1: ty

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