Need help white widow

Need help first time grower. White widow


Looks like ur drowning it needs to dry alot put a fan blowing on the container the dirt is in try not to have fan blowing leaves alot. Fan will dry it out faster. Alsom might need uppotted. What spil is that??


I’ve only just gave it some water bout an hr ago. I’ve just put some warm castings around it thought that might help

3 sprays twice a day preferably ph d is all a seedling needs for week 1


Needs to be transplanted to a larger container, don’t use that one even though it’s supposed to dissolve. They don’t really dissolve.
Don’t water so often.


That’s what chronic over-watering looks like, let it dry up before giving any more water. Feel the weight of it now, will be heavy because the soil is wet, don’t water again until it feels very light, or transplant into dry potting soil (cut off the peat pot) and don’t add any water for a few days, the dry soil will help wick away some of the excess moisture.


Awesome thanks for ur help people :grin:

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I think it’s on the up now :blush:

Yep, lookin better. Resist the urge to kill it with kindness. The less water the better right now

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Just transferred it into a bigger pot two days ago hope it’s going to be ok

@Richyrich , what light are using, is she a window girl

Hey both I’ve got her under lights at night and window at day I’m from tassie so it’s winter here

@Richyrich , follow @Hellraiser instructions on water management. And she is lanky like a window plant. Veggin plants don’t need much light ( maybe 100-125w) but late veg and flower ,you need a quality light to finish her up.
White widow at week 3 under 125w diy light. White widow are vigorously growing plants so hang in there. Don’t kill her with kindness

This what your plant will look like later

Read this it’s full of golden nuggets of information


Maybe I should put it out in the hot house and see how it goes out there??

Holy shit urs look bloody awesome love ur work

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That’s the light I’ve got. Got no room to set up at tent. I do have a hot house but it is winter here in tasmania