Need help, white Pistils starting grow after all turned brown

 Need help ASAP , please, new white pistils starting grow after all turned brown, Have I waited too long?

Yeah, that happens. Seems to me it is around 3 “bursts” and the buds get fatter and denser each time. It’s a good thing. :+1:
Unless it is actually done and trichs are where you want them to be. In that case, you have a lighting issue, usually too much intensity late in flower and it will cause “foxtailing”. That is where the buds start getting single calyxes stacked on top of one another, sticking out of the bud like tiny fingers. Nothing to stress over even if that is what is happening.

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How long have they been in flower?

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Probably fox-tailing. It happens. Do you have pics?

Do you mean this plant you posted 12 days ago?

I would not say these pistils have turned brown exactly, they are starting to turn but have weeks of growth left IMHO

You are good my freind. It’s a natural part of the process. It will do this a few times as the buds grow bigger and bigger. When you notice a new flush of white pistols every where, it means you are doing a good job and she is rewarding you with a fresh set of flowers to add to the bunch :grin:

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God Bless you, thanks for advice. Lot work in this grow. This is an autoflower, I believe since flowering it’s been 8 weeks. 11 weeks all together. Using Mars Hydro TS3000, (450 watts at light) in conjunction I add 4ft. 34 watt UV/B for 2-3 hours at night. With genetics I’m amazed at frostiness that I’ve got. 3x3 tent…Thanks again…:+1:

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Thanks Old Marine Semper Fi… 1970-1974 here. Can’t thank you enough have good night…