Need help. what's this stuff on the leaves !?

I’ve been using general hydroponics at 50% stregth but have been noticing these yellow fungus like spots on a few leaves.

Temp is constantly around 81f and humidity between 60 and 75 %.

I’ve been applying vinegar and water to curb fungus but it seems to be resiliant.

Any idea what this is and how I can curb / control it.


Looks like nutrients that got spilled. The light burned them.


Like @Covertgrower said. Are you spraying your the plants with the water and vinegar?

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Sorry for the radio silence.

Yes. I did 5 ml in 1 Ltd of water and it hepled get the soil pH down to 6.2.

But it stayed consistent for just 4 days and then shot back to 8 .0

Thanks a bunch. I was afraid it was a fungal attack.

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