Need help - what to do next


I will probably harvest later today or on Saturday. The pistils are nice and red and the trichomes are good and cloudy. I am very confused about what to do next. The grow bible explains curing before drying. That is counter intuitive to me. The length of time describe in various literature for either drying or curing is all over the place. Do I hang the plants to cure, or only to dry? Does the bud cure in jars, or only by hanging. It takes my bud about 3 or 4 days to dry. The colas stay moist, but the resin laden leaves (small leaves inundating the buds) become brittle, and harsh to smoke. But the high is a blast, this is potent stuff. Please help me, what is the best sequence of events in terms of drying and curing? How long do I keep the plants hanging, for drying only or for both drying and curing? I appreciate any comments on this. Thanks!


When I did mine, I cut the plant down, did a wet trim ( trim all leaves, stems off) then I trimmed my sugar leaves off separate so I could do whatever with later. Hang buds in a dark closet or grow tent (nit too hot) you want it to take about a week to dry. Dry until stems snap, not bend. Then into canning jars. Go to growweedeasy dot com. @RemyMartin


The grow bible says that? I don’t remember reading it as such.

You should cut, dry, manicure, and cure in that order. Now there are several methods for doing each step. And some people will do a light wet trim before drying, others won’t. But you definitely need to let it dry before you start the curing process.


Cut plant down hang in a dark room with humidity around 56-60% and let aur dry for week to 10 days or untill stems snap not nent as @HornHead mentioned
You can wet trim them or dry trim them
I personally remove and left over fan leaves and dry trim my buds
Once the stems snap
Trim and Put in mason jars burp jars twice a day for 15-20 this lets all the unwanted gases and what not out of jars as well as moisture
I will gently shake my jars to fluff buds back up since they settle in jars
Do this fir first ywo weeks or so then you can burp twice a week for two weeks
The longer you let your product cure the better flavor it will have
Hope this helps
I also vacuum seal my jars on between burping and for long term storage
And im sure it say to dry before curing in the grow bible it been some time since ive read it but


This is very helpful. Thanks for directions. So far, this first grow has been much fun! Again, thanks for all your help.
Remy M.