Need help, what to add an when

Hey brothers I am very new to auto flower an havnt grown a photo in bout 10yrs n never used good soil… I am in need of so good mix idea or what to add into the soil I also got the ff nutrient trio pack. I got a few ideas from what I’ve read but they weren’t ilgm seeds

What are you starting with?

Right now I put 2 nothernlight auto into a paper towel for germination n as well as 2 blue berry seeds jus started germination but I jus for F.F.H.F an F.F.O.F AS WELL I HAVE LIGHT WARRIOR AN bush doctor coco loco n the fox farm nutrient trio coming . n I only kno what I have read bout fox farm so this is all new to me… Also my set up is 36+36+72 inches BTW. I have a 600watt hydro ts an exhaust vivosun 6inch fucking I never thought I have such top notch shit u kno

I got northern lights or blueberry witchc ever germinate first…

This what I ended up doing to fox farm ocean forest. I can not transplant directly into this mix because it is way to hot for seedlings. Something like HF or LW are good starters and for seedlings. I also started out using the trio. You will need calcium magnesium (CalMag) supplement. FF seems to be light on magnesium. I would start adding 50% around week 4-5.
3x3x6’ is a nice size. I also have a 3x3 I went with 7’ tall.
The blueberry auto I grew was a great plant and my wife enjoyed the smoke. I grew NL as a photo.

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Thank brother ima deff try that… Right now I’m still waiting on few things but I planted 1 in ocean forest with n the other in happy frog an oceans forest an I’m pretty sure in that too… I’m waiting on my coco loco n light warrior to then plant my blue berry an amnesia haze figure O.F with light warrior n happy frog with coco loco…