Need help what do the spots mean

I’m a first time grower and was wandering if you had any tips I’m growing indoors with a tent and my plants have spots on them. What is the cause of this and how do I fix it? I do have a fan and waiting for my dehumidifierto come in


Just on what was likely the first set of leaves there at the bottom? They probably had gotten wet when lights were on or something. I wouldn’t worry about them right now if upper leaves look good.


I’m using tap water every other day and using fertilizer in between keeping the ph between 6.0-7.0 I mixed frog farm and ocean farm soil I belive that’s the name.

I don’t know if this helps at all either

You probably don’t need to be adding any nutrients right now. The soil you’re using should provide enough for a month give or take. Also not sure your plants need watered that often. You should be watering in well and then allowing to dry out before watering again.

Only other thing I notice is that your node spacing is a little long on plant that size. This is usually from the light intensity being low or improper light spectrum.


Thank you that Is helpful and what is node?


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If you are mixing fox farms happy frog and ocean floor don’t actually like mix them up do the bottom half all ocean floor then the top half happy frog. HF accelerates or promotes root growth while ocean floor is packed with nutrients when your babies grow into young women readying the change into adulthood. The spots look like light burn to me either because you got them wet without time to dry before lights on, or the lights too close yet I doubt that’s the issue since if I recall correctly LEDs don’t produce a lot of heat at least in comparison to MH lighting. I always keep a eye on my leaves now since I burnt one up near death doing that my first batch. I like to carry a tissue or three and dap them dry if I got any moisture on them.

So what kind of lights do you recommend I’m using led


Leds can be good. I don’t necessarily have an issue with any different type of light, you just want to make sure the light is big enough for your space.

Yeah lights are the same beyond heat and electricity consumption. You just need one that’ll effectively work for the space you are needed it for. I need a new light setup I’m using some old lights a friend sold me for cheap. Basically you need to make sure the canopy is always 24 inches from the light itself I think the distance is a variable between 22-28 I go with 24 since my lights are hotter than LEDs.