Need help- was trying LST and hurt my plant

So i was trying to do some LST and the top two nodes weren’t as hardy as the bottom ones and they snapped off. I tried to get them to stay attached but no such luck. Did i ruin this plant?

@Graysin sorry to tag you, but i know you are a bud expert and probably know lol


Not at all.

:joy::rofl: oh No. I just talk a lot.

Anyway, not ruined in the slightest. The cool thing about these plants is they just about withstand anything. I actually accidentally ripped an entire side limb off one of my ladies in flower about two weeks ago. Didn’t even bat an eyelash- I’ve done worse.

Are you in flower now or still in veg? (And autoflower or photo?). If she’s a photo and still in veg, my advice is to just let her veg another week or so while she heals up from the top and moves on with her happy little self. She’ll probably produce 2 new nodes where the one you broke off was. If she doesn’t, also no harm done, she’ll just concentrate more energy into those side limbs you have tied down. Almost like an accidental @Arrow style mangle - absolutely nothing bad comes from a grow like that!

If she’s an autoflower, I feel about the same. No harm done. But she’s gonna decide she’s ready to flower whether you think she is or not.

At the end of the day, some of the highest yielders I’ve seen around here are the ones who nearly met a tragic end. Just take a look at @VOL4LIFE ’s plants. Crushed by the light fixture and produced ounces of primo bud. :v:


Sorry i should have included that in the original- they are Super Skunk photoperiods. Current state they are 4 weeks old today. Thank you for the great info! I was stressing lol. :rofl:


Oh yeah, let them veg 2 more weeks and then flip to flower. You’ll be golden and drowning in gassy Skunk stank. :v:

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Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: last week i was out of town and had to keep that closet closed because they had to do work on my apartment. The temps got up to 32 celcius in there and they actually grew insane in just a week!


Or you can have some fun with it.

Remove the bottom two branches. Then top each of the remaining four. It will give you eight really nice colas with good spacing. It is called a Quadline, a hybrid manifold. You should rearrange the branches a little so each branch forms a 90 angle


I always get confused where to cut when topping

Just went and topped them. The one branch i had pulled over- already popped back up to the lights! Lol

Did you keep all of the branches and go for 12 colas?

Yeah i kept all the branches; and i topped all the other plants i have in there too. It’s going to get interesting real quick :rofl:


By the way; thank you! This is my first time growing and i appreciate the advice and the help :slight_smile:


So that topping….best idea ever :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

It’s tempting to try all the fancy techniques that the pros use. We’ve seen the videos, after all. They make it look so easy. But I’d caution any new grower to learn to walk before they try to run. Start basic and go from there. Most/all of these training techniques involve walking a thin line of damaging your plant–just enough-- for her to do what you want. Yes, they’re hardy and in fact quite hard to kill. But even 30 years on, I still have the occasional OOPS! moment.


It’s a good accident. :+1: sounds like you got all the help you need. Good luck with her and keep us posted.

It is time for a photo update. I would like to see the results of being topped again.


New pics


@DRsDank sorry for the long delay in reply. I’m pretty sure it worked LOL. Next grow im going to make them stretch and scrog i think.

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