Need help w/ defoliation

Ok so my plants just reached 30 days and they have huge fan leaves all the place I’m wondering where do I cut them and how many per plant cause obviously they are blocking a lot any help is appreciated, I have an idea what I’m doing but want to be sure is all thanks guys

Got pics? Helps more then words just saying lol.

Normally yea huge fans in the way are a drawback. But they are also the power plants of ur lady. Needs a few to photosynthesize

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking just leaving them be for now until they start to flower more ?


Now I see your point. No need to go edward scissor hands. But popping a huge fan leave in absolutely a prime location pr three wouldnt hurt. Try to pinch ones near multiple plants. Give them a bit more freedom.

Like upper big one on the bottom right plant.

The closest to the camera on the top of the middleplant.

That huge lower right leaner on the lower left plant.

Ditto for the upper left… try not to be too aggressive. Two or three leaves per plant tops. And only ones u know in the way. I wouldnt recommend it for autos or new new growers, but hell we learning.

When I say snip or pinch i mean get ur hand practically flush to the stem and pinch with ur nails or snip with scissors. Preferably scissors. Hands carry bacteria etc…


You can also try and tuck them out of the way of any potential bud sites… if you can’t then snip but don’t do too much all at once. It’s possible you could also try some LST and move the bud sites out of the way of the fan leaves… everyone does it differently… just what I do


Agree with @Caligurl and @PurpNGold74 Really nothing else to add on this subject.
Nice looking girls there. :wink:


Thanks it’s my first shot at it it’s going well so far