Need help trying to find the proper AC unit

Hello All,

Please bear with me as I’m new here. I have a 10x10x6.7 grow tent setup inside a garage that has no windows (it is attached to the home). The grow tent contains 3 tower oscillating fans, 8 in carbon filter with a connected fan, dehumidifier, and 1 spider farmer sf 4000 (I plan to add two more sf 4000 in the coming months). I live in Northern Florida, and currently right now I’m having a heat issue. The temperatures are getting very close to 3 digit temps at the hottest parts of the day. Could someone give me a few ideas on the best AC to install with my setup?

How much plant canopy do you have? Three sf 4000’s not going to flower a whole 10x10 well. If you plan to get there you may as well get ac unit thst will cover what you should have.

That being said, you should probably go with ductless split unit. Not going to be cheap, but will be way more efficient than window or portable unit. In a place like Florida you should see return on investment pretty quickly. You will want to convert all your power consuming devices to btu than probably add about 20% to cover your environmental conditions. Some will just calculate btu and go up to the next half ton.

The good news about going with split unit, they are available in diy packages with lines charged and quick connect fittings. As long as you can wire it there’s no need for hvac tech around your grow.