Need help trying not to throw this girl out

Need help she looks like she may be dying

Strain; Gorilla Glue #4

Soil in pots; Fox Farms Ocean Forest

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Run off PH 6

What is strength of nutrient mix? Half Tspn of Flora Nova Grow per gallon

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size? Indoor 2x2x4 tent 1x1000w LED, 1x45w LED

Temps; Day, Night; Day 80.2F Night 77.1F

Humidity; Day, Night; Day 40-45, Night 36-39 rh

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size 2x4inch fans 1 blowing out, 1 blowing in fans, 1 16inch oscillating on low

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, N/A

Co2; Yes

Trimmed off bottom leaves that were touching the dirt because they were dry and looking kind of burned no nutes since May 1st just bottled spring water

First, welcome to the forum.If you are in FFOF you should not be giving any nutes at all! Looks a bit wet, drainage? How close are the lights? Why the CO2? Temp a little high but not bad. Humidity should be higher. Runoff PH should be a bit higher.


Thank you
Lights moved to 30cm 2 days ago
I watched a few videos that said co2 helps with photosynthesis
Also switched from 24/0 down to 18/6 when I moved the lights up to let the plant rest from the trim
Californian Snow is doing well in the same environment


Lower leaves are not doing well because they are blocked of light. That plant is real short and compact, would suggest raising the light up if possible. The 45w isn’t needed. That “1000” watt is probably around 150-200, which is more than enough for a 2x2.


There’s enough co2 in the air it’s not Necessary unless you get into big thousand plus square-foot areas when they add CO2 but for most all of are small grows there’s no need @Holmes has layers out some great advice and think about using cloth pots they are great


30 cm is really close for that size light even if the actual draw is closer 500 watts, and yes co2 is good, but until you reach light saturation levels and have all environmental details tuned in, the plants can only use what is already available. Honestly the plant seems OK to me


What model light do you have? 30cm may still be a little close